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Canadian Harvey’s Restaurant Introduces New Pickle Pickle Poutine

    Drawing inspiration from TikTok for its exciting new culinary creation: the Pickle Pickle Poutine.

    Harvey’s Restaurant, renowned for its expertise in crafting delectable Canadian hamburgers, is embracing the latest trends from the world of social media, drawing inspiration from TikTok for its exciting new culinary creation: the Pickle Pickle Poutine. This delectable dish showcases the finest ingredients that Canada has to offer, including 100% Canadian Cheese Curds and locally sourced Canadian Potatoes.

    “Our Pickle Pickle Poutine is made for pickle lovers,” says Adrianne Largo, Vice President of Marketing. “It was inspired by a TikTok menu hack that garnered a lot of attention on our account last year. With almost 3,000 shares and 500,000 views, we knew we were onto something and developed this unique twist on our famous poutine to make it a real menu item.”

    The Pickle Pickle Poutine is a masterpiece of flavors and textures. It features a sumptuous bed of crispy golden fries, adorned with generous portions of Harvey’s signature Deep Fried Pickles, adding a delightful crunch and a burst of mouthwatering pickle goodness. These tantalizing tidbits are complemented by the addition of diced pickles, which contribute a refreshing and tangy kick to every bite. But the culinary journey doesn’t stop there! The Pickle Pickle Poutine is further elevated with a luscious garlic ranch drizzle that cascades over the dish, bringing a creamy and savory element to harmonize with the pickle’s zesty notes.

    This fusion of flavors creates a symphony for the taste buds, as the savory, salty, and tangy elements harmonize in perfect unison. The hearty Canadian Cheese Curds provide the requisite creaminess, while the Canadian Potatoes, lovingly transformed into crispy fries, serve as the ideal canvas for this gastronomic masterpiece.

    The Pickle Pickle Poutine embodies the spirit of culinary innovation and celebrates Canada’s rich food heritage. It’s a testament to Harvey’s commitment to delivering mouthwatering creations that not only satisfy cravings but also spark the excitement of food enthusiasts. With this new addition to their menu, Harvey’s invites everyone to experience the delightful fusion of flavors and textures that has quickly captured the imagination of the foodie community, all while paying homage to the authentic Canadian ingredients that make this dish a true Canadian gem.

    For all of the Canadian poutine connoisseurs out there, this limited-time poutine masterpiece is awaiting your tastebuds until January 1. Available at Harvey’s locations across the country.