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Burger King France introduces new ice cream with popcorn toppings

    Burger King France has launched a new vanilla ice cream that is paired with a delicious caramel drizzle and topped with crunchy roasted corn kernels and crispy popcorn. It is a truly indulgent dessert option.

    Picture yourself savoring a luscious scoop of velvety-smooth vanilla ice cream, its rich flavor spreading bliss across your taste buds. To enhance this delightful experience, we have artfully drizzled a delectable caramel sauce on top, infusing each spoonful with a heavenly sweetness that complements the creamy goodness perfectly.

    Burger King France has taken this ice cream sensation to the next level by adding a delightful twist! Amidst the delightful vanilla and caramel duo, you’ll encounter the delightful crunch of roasted corn kernels, offering a unique texture that surprises and delights your palate. As you continue to relish this gourmet treat, you’ll discover the addition of genuine crispy popcorn, elevating the ice cream to an extraordinary level of culinary creativity!

    Indulge yourself in this divine fusion of flavors and textures, where the classic charm of vanilla meets the irresistible allure of caramel, harmoniously blending with the earthy essence of roasted corn and the playful crunch of popcorn. It’s a symphony of tastes, a delight for the senses, and an extraordinary journey through sweet and savory sensations!