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Boxed Water and the Minions Want to Elevate Your Hydration

    Boxed Water has recently embarked on an exciting collaboration with the beloved Minions franchise, and the results are truly something to behold. The enchanting Minions-themed boxes are currently making their way to your fingertips, promising a splash of fun and environmental responsibility in every sip. This thrilling partnership brings a whole new level of whimsy to your hydration routine.

    If you’ve yet to experience the refreshing innovation of @boxedwater, you’re in for a treat! This eco-conscious packaging offers a more sustainable way to quench your thirst while making a positive impact on the environment. And the excitement doesn’t end there, because now you can elevate your hydration game with the delightful limited edition Minions-themed packaging.

    “We are excited to partner with Universal Products & Experiences to spread joy with Illumination’s iconic Minions while raising awareness on sustainability efforts to help save the planet,” offers Boxed Water Chief Revenue Officer, Robert Koenen. “The Minions are beloved by adults and kids alike, and we hope that they inspire others to use less plastic and help restore our National Forests.”

    You don’t have to wait long to get your hands on these exclusive Minions boxes, as they are available for purchase both on the official website and on Amazon. The good news keeps flowing because these limited edition designs will remain accessible throughout the entirety of the year. So, whether you’re a devoted Minions fan or simply looking to make a conscious choice for the environment, this collaboration offers the perfect opportunity to do both! Don’t miss out on this chance to enjoy your water while making a difference, one Minion at a time.