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Bomb Pop drops new Candy Clash flavor just in time for summer

    bomb pop candy clash

    With summertime just around the corner, Bomb Pop, the beloved ice pop brand in America, is launching a brand new flavor combination called Candy Clash. Candy Clash is an ice pop that combines the classic flavors of blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon. It’s a delightful treat loved by all and perfect for enjoying during the summer and beyond.

    Bomb Pop is already a signature staple of summer but we are always looking for new innovations, new products and new opportunities for enjoyment,” said Alnese Thomas, Senior Brand Manager of Bomb Pop, “Candy Clash is emblematic of the feeling of summer: the excitement and potential that all ages feel. We created Candy Clash based on the favorite flavors of tweens and teens – combining these into a refreshing new snack for all.”

    Bomb Pop has been pursuing exploration and possibility since 1955 when the brand first launched its iconic rocket shape in red, white, and blue. Bomb Pop is always coming up with new and exciting flavor combinations for snack lovers. Their latest release, Candy Clash, takes their portfolio in a whole new direction by introducing candy-inspired flavors in a frozen treat that’s sure to delight.

    Fun Fact: The Bomb Pop is a red, white, and blue frozen treat with six fins, shaped like a bomb. It was inspired by America’s patriotic spirit during the Cold War and is perfect for celebrating Independence Day with its star shape reminiscent of rocket fireworks.