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Bee’s Wrap is the alternative to plastic wrap

    Bee’s Wrap was founded with the idea of making it easy to cut down on plastic and store food sustainably. The founder, Sarah Kaeck, turned to bees for inspiration and infused organic cotton with a blend of beeswax, plant oil and tree resin to create a durable yet pliable beeswax food wrap that could be used again and again. Bee’s Wrap is a small sustainable swap that adds up to make a big impact. It can be used for storing food in the kitchen or packing sandwiches and snacks on the go.

    If you’re tired of dealing with plastic wrap that pollutes the environment and sticks to everything except what you want to cover, there’s a better solution. These cotton wraps are coated with a mixture of beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin to make them waterproof and long-lasting. In fact, they can be used for over a year!

    The 3-pack comes in different sizes to accommodate various food containers, such as salad bowls, sandwiches, and avocado halves. They can even be used to wrap soft cheeses if you place a layer of parchment paper first. Cleaning them is easy too: simply gently scrub them under cold water (avoid hot water, as it will melt the beeswax). For those who prefer plant-based options, there are wraps available that use wax made from plants instead of beeswax.