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AHA: Sparkling Jell-O gives that classic dessert a bubbly makeover

    sparkling jell o 1

    Exciting news! Jell-O and AHA Sparkling Water have teamed up to create a new product called Sparkling Jell-O, which will be available in stores for a limited time. To make it, just substitute half of the recipe’s regular water with sparkling water. It’s that easy!

    Did you know that Jell-O’s market research indicates that 70% of their customers purchase sparkling water alongside their Jell-O product? This unique pairing catches the attention of shoppers and encourages a discussion about flavor combinations and food collaborations. While these items can be purchased separately, buying them together offers a new level of culinary exploration.

    sparkling jell o

    The special Sparkling Jell-O offering is available in Zero Sugar Lemon, Zero Sugar Lime, Zero Sugar Strawberry, and AHA Sparkling Water flavors lime + watermelon, blueberry + pomegranate, and blackberry + lemon.

    You can find Sparkling Jell-O at different retailers such as Walmart and Meijer, starting from May 11 until June 30. To inquire about availability and pricing, please check with the stores.