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A study suggests that eating 1 hot dog takes 35 minutes off your life

    Somebody better tell Joey Chestnut about the latest hotdog findings. This guy does not have long to live if you read what studies are saying about hotdogs. Every hotdog that a person eats takes away 35 minutes of his life. Somebody do the math and get Joey on a fruit and vegetable diet immediately.

    “The 61 grams of processed meat in a hotdog sandwich results in 27 minutes of healthy life lost due to this amount of processed meat alone.

    “Then, when considering the other risk factors, like the sodium and trans fatty acids inside the hotdog – counterbalanced by the benefit of its polyunsaturated fat and fibers – we arrived at the final value of 36 minutes of healthy life lost per hotdog.”

    Experts from the University of Michigan have assessed the nutritional impact of almost 6,000 foods to determine how they affect an individual’s life span.” –

    The foods studied ranged from 74 minutes lost to 80 minutes gained per serving. Sugary drinks, hotdogs, burgers and breakfast sandwiches were linked with most minutes of healthy life lost, whereas fruits, non-starchy and mixed vegetables, ready-to-eat cereals and cooked grains were associated with the largest gains.

    More specifically, researchers found that consuming one 85-gram serving of chicken wings translated to 3.3 minutes of life lost, owing to sodium and harmful trans-fatty acids, while a beef hotdog on a bun resulted in some 36 minutes lost “largely due to the detrimental effect of processed meat,” study authors wrote. What’s more, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were associated with a positive increase of 33 added minutes. 

    Foods like salted peanuts, baked salmon and rice with beans were also associated with positive gains between 10 to 15 minutes.NY Post