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Sara Bittorf

TGI Fridays APPreciation 1 scaled

Fridays will give a free appetizer to delivery drivers on February 10 just to say, “thanks for the hard work”

    Since February is the month that celebrates love, TGI Fridays, the world’s first and most recognized casual bar and grill, is dedicating Thursday, February 10th, as a day of “app”reciation to those who deliver, those who show up each and every day to ensure restaurants, businesses, and much more, run smoothly. That’s right. Every truck driver, every FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL delivery person; every courier, carrier, and crusader, who not only made sure holiday gifts were delivered, but also that food makes it to each Fridays restaurant and to guests. Thanks to these hard-working individuals, the global supply chain never snapped — no matter how crazy things got over the last two years. Their hard work and dedication is love, delivered.