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PebblesIceCream Lead 1

PEBBLES Cereal Churns Out New Light Ice Creams

    Grubbits readers are well aware that throughout the years that fan-favorite foods have crossed over to other food aisles. The Flintstones’ Pebbles cereal is no stranger to food merging. Now you will be screaming for Pebbles ice-cream in both Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles flavors. It is funny that many kids today grew up on Flintstones’ vitamins and Pebbles cereal but never saw an episode of The Flintstones. Their only contact with the characters is at the supermarket level.

    Bettys not a vitamin 1

    Betty Rubble was not a vitamin for over 27 years

      In 1968, Miles Laboratory owners of the One-a-Day label, paired up with Hanna-Barbera and created the iconic Flintstones Vitamins. Since its inception, Betty was not included as a chewable vitamin. There was a campaign in the 90’s to include her as a vitamin for Flintstones Vitamins. In 1995, Betty replaced the Flintstones car shape.