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Sink Your Teeth Into National Cheeseburger Day

    Get ready to celebrate the holiest of meaty holidays, because National Cheeseburger Day is grilling its way into our hearts on Monday, September 18, 2023! Embrace our inner carnivores.

    maxpepperjacknchiliposter scaled 1

    Burger Art

      Swedish burger chain MAX Burgers recently launched the new Pepper Jack ‘n’ Chili burger. A burger loaded with flavor and quality ingredients.


      The Meat Mountain Sandwich From Arby’s

        I do not think my mouth is capable of opening wide enough without getting lockjaw before biting into Arby’s new Meat Mountain Sandwich. Did they throw in all their meats with their chicken sandwich?

        trekking burger 1

        Cheeseburger in a can

          The last place I would expect to find a cheeseburger is in a can. Now you can get lost in the woods and eat to your heart’s content. Trekking Burger is made in Germany and found on Amazon. I could easily see this as a Dharma Initiative product.

          mcdonalds vegan hamburger 1

          McDonald’s Introduces New Vegan Burger McAloo Tikki

            The vegan market is on fire and McDonald’s is no stranger when it comes to trends. They are introducing the McAloo Tikki at their Chicago headquarters. The McAloo Tikki is already a standard burger in India. I am not too enthused by the name myself. Why not just call it the McVegan burger? The meat-free burger should attract new customers who crave an alternative to the menu options offered at many restaurants.