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Hawaiian Punch’s new red ring cake from Café Valley Bakery

    hawaiin punch cake

    Leading ready-to-eat bakery brand Café Valley is partnering with iconic brands, Mott’s and Hawaiian Punch, to add their signature flavors to Cafe Valley’s lineup of 12-count Mini Muffins and 16-ounce Ring Cakes. Available in Mott’s Apple and Hawaiian Punch Fruit Punch flavors, the new products can be found in select grocers nationwide next month.

    The flavor and product profiles of Café Valley’s newest baked goods include:

    Cafe Valley Mott s Apple Mini Muffins
    • 12-count Mott’s Apple Mini Muffins: Sweet, light flavors of apple and cinnamon make Mott’s Apple Mini Muffins the perfect on-the-go snack.
    • 16-ounce Hawaiian Punch Fruit Punch Ring Cake: The perfect dessert to take to a gathering, Hawaiian Punch Ring Cake features tropical flavors like orange, pineapple, passionfruit, guava, and papaya, topped with string icing.

    “We are thrilled to partner with Mott’s and Hawaiian Punch to include nostalgic flavors households love and enjoy,” said Brian Owens, Chief Executive Officer of Café Valley. “Adding these celebrated brands to our variations of Mini Muffins and Ring Cakes as easy, on-the-go baked goods expands Café Valley’s potential, and we couldn’t be more excited to share that with our fans.”

    Fun Fact: In a converted garage in Fullerton, California, A.W. Leo, Tom Yates, and Ralph Harrison created the first Hawaiian Punch recipe in 1934. They desired tropical-flavored syrup to complement their Pacific Citrus Products Company line of ice cream garnishes.