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General Mills and Crunchyroll Collab on New Dragon Ball Z Cereal

    General Mills and Crunchyroll have joined forces in an exciting collaboration, introducing Dragon Ball Z-themed limited-edition Resse’s Puffs cereal boxes. Reminiscent of the nostalgic days when cereal box art captured our imaginations, this special collection features beloved characters from the iconic franchise adorning the fronts of select boxes. With Goku taking center stage, depicted in action with a spoon in hand, fans can enjoy the thrill of their favorite hero accompanying their breakfast routine.

    The excitement doesn’t end there; the back of each box showcases one of seven legendary characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe. From the stoic Piccolo to the fierce Trunks, the proud Vegeta, the formidable Frieza, the sinister Cell, and the enigmatic Majin Buu, fans can anticipate a diverse array of characters gracing their cereal boxes. It’s a delightful fusion of breakfast nostalgia and anime fandom, offering enthusiasts a unique collectible experience to cherish.

    These seven distinctive boxes have begun appearing on shelves across stores nationwide, and they’ll be accessible until the end of May, priced at approximately $6 per mid-size box. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there! Each of these seven boxes is undeniably impressive, sure to become a prized possession for dedicated fans. An exclusive eighth box awaits discerning shoppers at Sam’s Club. This special edition showcases Shenron, the Dragon God, gracing the cover amidst the seven Dragon Balls while featuring one of the seven characters on its back. It’s a rare and coveted addition to the collection, offering enthusiasts an extra level of excitement and exclusivity.