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Food of the Gods the official Wonder Woman cookbook

    Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook by Briana Volk seems like a natural for the amazing Amazon. One would deduce that her diet would have to be a healthy one considering the longevity of the inhabitants of Paradise Island. 

    “With simple recipe instructions, gorgeous photography, and prepared menus for several delightful Wonder Woman–themed parties, this is the perfect cookbook to share with friends, family, and Amazon warriors both big and small.”

    This gorgeously designed book from Insight Editions is a rich pictorial history of Wonder Woman with 50 recipes that complement her almost 80 years of comic book adventures. According to Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is 800 years old. One would assume Wonder Woman has a rich Greek Mediterranean diet. The friendly vegetarian cookbook has recipes for all. 

    The plant-based Zeus burger should be a hit for the picky traditionalist that craves meat. The Justice League Lasagna will have all your super-friends ward off the evils of meat with eggplant substitution. From Greek salads to Mercury Mushroom Melts, this book is truly the food of the gods. It is ambrosia for your lips. 

    “The author, Briana Volk, did a lot of research and took a lot of inspiration from Greek and Mediterranean food, as well as healthy cooking trends and techniques.”

    “Briana Volk is a writer and restaurateur. Her first book, Northern Hospitality, was a 2019 IACP and Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards finalist for “Best New Cocktail Book”. Her restaurant, the Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, is a two-time James Beard semi-finalist for “Outstanding Bar Program”. She lives in Portland, Maine with her husband Andrew and two rad kids, Oona and Rockwell.”