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Dunkin’ Brings Back Heart-Shaped Donuts For Valentine’s Day

    Dunkin’ Brings Back Heart-Shaped Donuts For Valentine’s Day

    It sounds like Dunkin’ is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with some delightful treats! The return of the Brownie Batter Donut and Cupid’s Choice Donut, along with the transformation of classic donuts into heart shapes and festive sprinkles, creates a sweet and romantic touch to celebrate the season of love. Whether treating yourself or surprising someone special, Dunkin’ has some tempting options for spreading the love.

    Two beloved, limited-time heart-shaped donuts are making a comeback:

    • Brownie Batter Donut features a brownie batter-flavored butter creme filling, chocolate icing, and Valentine’s Day-inspired sprinkles.
    • Cupid’s Choice Donut is filled with Bavarian Kreme and topped with strawberry-flavored icing and red and pink sprinkles. 
    Dunkin’ Brings Back Heart-Shaped Donuts For Valentine’s Day
    • Heart-Shaped Donuts: The Dunkin’ bakery case is getting a sparkly takeover with classic donuts outfitted in heart shapes and dazzling with pink, red and white sprinkles.
    • Sweet Merch: Dunkin’ is marking the holiday with new merch, including shimmery pink, red and silver tumblers and heart-shaped donut keychains available at select restaurants nationwide. 

    Donuts are a classic and delicious way to indulge during Valentine’s Day festivities. Enjoy!

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