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Ben & Jerry’s Festivus Ice Cream is Back!

    Oh, it’s still a thing! Ben’s & Jerry’s Festivus is going strong once again this year for a limited run. The classic Seinfeld episode is deeply etched in pop culture. If you are the recipient of the trusty aluminum Festivus pole this year be sure to buy some Festivus ice cream for all your friends.

    Traditionally celebrated on December 23rd, Festivus is the holiday brainchild of Frank Costanza, the cranky, quick-to-rage-at-just-about-everything father of the Seinfeld character George Costanza. (And the hero who taught us that yelling “Serenity now!” was a surefire way to reduce stress.)

    Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Guru Rob Douglas. “We pondered long and hard about what a holiday ice cream flavor should be, and yadda, yadda, yadda, Festivus was born. This flavor kicks fruitcake’s ass!”

    Fun Fact: Ben & Jerry’s has a graveyard where they bury discontinued flavors. There are over 300 flavors that have been sent to the graveyard.