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Barnacle Foods Launches New Habanero Hot Sauce From Kelp

    The icy waters of Alaska have long been renowned for yielding some of the planet’s most coveted seafood. However, an innovative company based in Juneau is ushering in a fresh and exciting era in Alaska’s seafood narrative. This groundbreaking development revolves around an unlikely hero of the seas, the bountiful kelp, a type of seaweed that thrives along the extensive Alaskan coastline. Kelp, with its culinary and ecological merits, is rapidly becoming the focal point of interest for a diverse array of enthusiasts, ranging from renowned chefs to climate scientists and nutrition experts.

    Barnacle Foods has proudly unveiled its latest creation, an exceptional product that promises to captivate taste buds and offer a unique perspective on sustainable cuisine: Habanero Hot Sauce. This new addition to their lineup not only expands the culinary horizons of kelp but also reflects the company’s commitment to harnessing the natural resources of Alaska in a way that benefits both the palate and the environment.

    Barnacle Foods’ new Habanero Hot Sauce is made with Alaska-grown kelp.

    Alaska’s marine ecosystems, once solely associated with delectable seafood, have now become a source of inspiration for gastronomic creativity, ecological preservation, and culinary innovation. Barnacle Foods’ introduction of Habanero Hot Sauce is just one testament to the transformative potential of kelp, emphasizing its versatility and capacity to surprise and delight in ways that resonate with a broad audience. The world of food is evolving, and kelp is at the heart of this exciting revolution, giving us a glimpse of a future where sustainability and flavor go hand in hand.

    Established in 2016, Barnacle is a leader in bringing flavor-first kelp-based foods to market. Their newest release, Habanero Hot Sauce, is turning heads and taste buds. The flavor speaks for itself, spicy habanero for a spark of heat, balanced with a hint of sweetness, and a deep savory boost from the kelp (the first ingredient). Although featuring unique ingredients, this flavor combination appeals to mainstream eaters.

    “Since launching our original hot sauce three years ago, customers have been asking for more. After a year of recipe perfecting, we’re excited to share Habanero Hot Sauce – made with fresh Alaska-grown kelp, made by our team in Juneau, Alaska” said Rosa Spaeth, R&D Manager at Barnacle Foods.

    Barnacle Food’s mission is to do good for our oceans, communities, and collective future. Their products are helping expand the emerging kelp farming industry in Alaska by providing a high-value market for up-start kelp farmers and harvesters.

    “With each bite, we are sharing the flavors and story of Alaska’s coast. Our mission is built into the fabric of what we do at Barnacle — from how our team is structured to the ingredients that we use. This model of business isn’t conventional, but we are excited to give people an opportunity to do good for the oceans and the collective future through foods they eat — and lucky for everyone — kelp is tasty and checks all the boxes!” noted Lia Heifetz, co-founder of Barnacle Foods.

    Kelp’s benefits include flavor-enhancing saltiness (think umami), and unmatched nutritional density of hard-to-come-by vitamins and minerals. It is one of the most earth-friendly ingredients, requires no inputs to cultivate, and boasts benefits to ocean chemistry while growing.

    Brace yourself for this delicious wave of flavor. You’ll want to include it in holiday gifting plans and on every meal. Purchase at alongside other kelp-based hot sauces, chili crisps, seasonings, salsas, and gifts, or shop at retail partners nationwide.