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Tropical 7-Up makes a splash at Kroger stores

    The return of Tropical 7-Up has generated quite a buzz, especially for health-conscious consumers, as it now boasts a zero-sugar option. This delightful beverage has made its triumphant comeback as an exclusive offering at Kroger, extending its reach to a broader audience.

    You can now find these tantalizing tropical flavors gracing the shelves of Kroger stores nationwide, including Kroger-owned chains. Whether you prefer the convenience of a 12-pack of cans or the classic charm of a 6-pack of bottles, your thirst for these refreshing concoctions can easily be quenched.

    Tropical 7-Up’s revival in a zero-sugar variant caters to the evolving preferences of today’s consumers, offering the same delightful taste without the guilt of added sugars. The return of this beloved beverage adds a touch of nostalgia to your shopping experience while simultaneously catering to the demands of modern dietary choices. So, head to your nearest Kroger store and relish the taste of the tropics with this exclusive offering!