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pizza box

When was the first pizza box created?

    All hail the mighty pizza box that opened the floodgates to the mass circulation of our favorite fast food. A patent was issued for the pizza box in 1963.

    mtn dew over drive bottle 518x400

    MTN DEW’s new Overdrive flavor is only available at Casey’s

      Mountain Dew is really having fun bringing out a ton of new flavors this year as a new one is on the way called MTN DEW Overdrive. According to the team behind it, the new flavor is designed to have more of a citrus punch taste with “hints of mango, raspberry, and lime flavors”. Which honestly sounds more like it would be found in the juice aisle if not for the soda-related properties.

      Little Caesars Debuts New Pizza Creation Inspired By Gotham Citys Caped Crusader 1

      The Batman Calzony pizza by Little Caesars

        Little Caesars is partnering with the all-new film The Batman to bring fans of the legendary comic book character for a global promotion featuring a one-of-a-kind new product, The Batman Calzony. The Batman Calzony is created by combining a pizza lover’s own dynamic duo: calzone and pizza.

        modern pizza 1

        Modern Pizza

          According to Ripley’s Believe It or Not, modern pizza didn’t exist until around 1760, when fresh tomatoes first arrived in Naples, Italy.