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Star Wars Day New TruMoo Blue Milk: Vanilla Flavor

    May the 4th is National Star Wars Day and fans of the franchise can celebrate with TruMoo introduces Blue Milk which can be found in the dairy aisle or your local grocery store.

    Inspired by the Star Wars saga, TruMoo introduces Blue Milk, a limited-time beverage entering the atmosphere near you. In a galaxy far, far away, fans were first introduced to the milk in the film Star Wars: A New Hope. In an iconic scene with his aunt and uncle, Star Wars Luke Skywalker savors a refreshing glass while expressing his desire to leave the homestead and discover his destiny.

    Blue Milk is available exclusively at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disney Parks—and now for a limited time in your local dairy department! The Star Wars rebels in your life will love TruMoo Blue Milk—a vanilla, low-fat flavored milk in the iconic blue color. The power is in the protein with 8g per serving.