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Small Canadian Town Home of a 17-foot-tall Cheeto Statue

    Cheeto Puff statue

    The charming Candian hamlet of Cheadle has a truly unique attraction that may surpass the allure of typical fast-food establishments: a remarkable 17-foot tall sculpture depicting a pair of Cheeto-dusted fingertips emerging from the ground, eagerly reaching out to grasp a solitary orange Cheeto Puff.

    This quirky and captivating installation adds a distinctive touch to the character of Cheadle, making it a noteworthy destination in the region. Cheadle, a small community comprising approximately 100 residents, is situated approximately 30 miles to the east of Calgary in the heart of south-central Alberta, Canada.

    PepsiCo Canada erected the unexpectedly sizable monument, sparking curiosity about its placement in Cheadle. The rationale behind choosing Cheadle, as explained by the company, stems from the revelation that the official term for the vibrant powder adorning your fingers when indulging in Cheetos is none other than “Cheetle.” This unique and whimsical designation adds a playful touch to the snacking experience, with the monument serving as a tribute to the unmistakable phenomenon associated with enjoying the popular cheesy snack. The surprising revelation of Cheetle as the official term has undoubtedly added an extra layer of intrigue and amusement to the snack’s cultural significance.

    “Cheetos fans have always known that the delicious, cheesy dust on their fingertips is an unmistakably delicious part of the Cheetos experience, but now it officially has a name: Cheetle,” Lisa Allie, the Senior Marketing Director for PepsiCo Foods Canada, said in a statement. “We’re excited to be celebrating Cheetle and Canadians’ cheesy, Cheetle-dusted fingertips on such a grand scale and in such a uniquely mischievous way.”