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Kids love eating healthy Sea Monsters snacks

    sea monsters

    Ever wanted your kids to eat healthy foods from the sea and help the planet at the same time? It is time you introduce them to seaweed and sorghum snacks. Not to worry, with fancy packaging and the clever name of Sea Monsters, they will be practically eating Sea Monsters out of your hand.

    To get the youngest generation of consumers more interested in foods from the sea, Sea Monsters Inc., New York, created a puffed seaweed and sorghum snack. The puffs come in cheese pizza, sour cream and onion, spicy Korean BBQ and sweet chili flavors, with the package of each flavor associated with a different sea animal.

    sea monsters

    “We’re on a mission to help save the world by getting you to snack on seaweed and learn about life under the sea,” said John Lee, co-founder, and a panelist. “We are trying to reach kids of all ages and educate them on the fact that real animals live in the ocean.”

    Fun Fact: There are over 12,000 species of seaweeds, all with different sizes and colors. Seaweed isn’t the name of a single plant—it is a common name for thousands of marine plants and algae. There are three main seaweed categories: red, green, and brown.