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Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers, a new snacking option

    Reese's Dipped Animal Crackers

    Reese’s is jumping into the animal cracker business. Animal crackers have been around since the early 19th century. England is the place of origin of animal crackers. There have been 54 different kinds of animals in total, current animals included in every box are tigers, cougars, camels, rhinoceroses, kangaroos, hippopotamuses, bison, lions, hyenas, zebras, elephants, sheep, bears, gorillas, monkeys, seals, and giraffes. The most recent animal added to this menagerie is the koala bear. Sales are still very strong globally.

    Reese’s is charging into your snack drawer with its new snack option – Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers. Worlds collide and this nostalgic childhood snack meets your favorite chocolate and peanut butter candy.

    These bite-sized animal crackers are covered in peanut butter candy and dipped in milk chocolate to give you that delicious Reese’s taste, now in a snack form. It’s an absolute zoo inside. Featuring 13 different animal shapes from lions to bears, your tastebuds are sure to go “Oh, my!”

    “Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers are sweet and crunchy creating the ultimate snack. They’re truly something to howl about,” said Nowell Kahle, manager, of Snacks & Grocery at The Hershey Company.

    Fun Fact: In 1902, Nabisco started to sell, what they call, Barnum’s Animals. They were based on the very popular circus put on by P.T. Barnum.