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Patriot Pickle gets into a legal pickle with Grillo’s Pickles

    Patriot Pickle, a pickle brand associated with Whole Foods 365, finds itself in a difficult situation due to a complaint filed against them by Grillo’s Pickles, a Boston-based company. Grillo’s Pickles alleges that Patriot Pickle has violated their agreement by utilizing Grillo’s exclusive recipes.

    According to the filed complaint, it has been revealed that Patriot Pickle had access to Grillo’s confidential recipes and equipment, employed identical ingredients, and conducted organic acid profile tests. These factors are presented as evidence of Patriot Pickle’s utilization of trade secrets in contravention of the Defend Trade Secrets Act, the Florida Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and contractual obligations between the two companies.

    The complaint, filed in January, asserts that Patriot Pickle, Inc., Wahlburgers I, LLC, and ARKK Food Company have deceived consumers and retailers through the labeling and marketing of Wahlburgers pickles. Despite being labeled as “fresh,” “all-natural,” and devoid of preservatives, the pickles in reality contain an artificial chemical preservative.

    “Patriot Pickle is trying to profit off of Grillo’s 100-year-old family recipe and our trade secrets,” said Adam Kaufman, President of Grillo’s Pickles. “It’s a massive violation of trust and a disappointment that after nearly a decade of partnership, our former co-packer, Patriot Pickle, has violated our agreements and is producing a nearly identical line of pickles for one of our biggest retailers, threatening to permanently damage our business.” 

    Grillo’s Pickles claims that their recipes were unlawfully taken and employed to introduce Patriot Pickle on a national scale, undercutting their prices, and taking advantage of the peak season for pickle sales. This action has posed a severe and irreversible threat to Grillo’s business and customer loyalty. Consequently, the company is seeking urgent injunctive relief from the court, as well as a permanent injunction and compensation for damages.