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New York Bakery Co’s New Cookies N’Cream Bagels

    Introducing the New York Bakery Co’s Cookies N’Cream Bagels – the bagels that are out to prove that dessert for breakfast is always a good idea! These sweet sensations from across the pond (UK) are turning the bagel world upside down, and frankly, our taste buds are doing cartwheels!

    These bagels are like the lovechild of your favorite cookie and a classic bagel. These bad boys are made from dough that’s not just any dough; it’s packed with bits of cocoa cookie goodness, like a treasure hunt in your breakfast. And don’t forget that sweet vanilla flavor that dances on your taste buds like a ballerina at a dessert carnival.

    These bagels have been through the wringer – rolled, boiled, and baked to sheer perfection. They’ve got the classic bagel look and texture, but with a twist so sweet it’ll have your morning coffee blushing.

    Now, you may be wondering, “Why five bagels per bag?” Well, my curious friend, that’s five chances to indulge your sweet tooth, five excuses to start your day with a grin, and five opportunities to make your breakfast table the happiest place on earth.

    The New York Bakery Cookies N’Cream Bagels have landed in the UK at Morrisons and are gearing up for a grand entrance at Sainsbury’s on September 20 and Asda on September 28, 2023. So, set your alarms and mark your calendars because these bagels are coming to town, and they’re bringing the party to your taste buds! Grab a five-pack for just £1.90, and let the bagel bonanza begin!

    Brand Manager Alastair Unite spoke on the New York Bakery Cookies N’Cream Bagels saying, “As the market leader, we are playing to our strengths and driving daring innovation that meets demand. This flavor idea emerged to meet an increasing demand for ‘treat’ like products, which in turn is part of a rising ‘treat mentality’ during the cost-of-living crisis.”