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New Splenda Peel & Pour Zero Calorie Drink Mix transforms water into a delicious beverage with 4 flavors

    Splenda Peel and Pour Zero Calorie Drink Mix

    Splenda: Looking for a refreshing, healthy drink option this summer? You’ll love Splenda’s new Peel & Pour Zero Calorie Drink Mix. This innovative product from Heartland Food Products Group lets you create delicious, zero-calorie drinks in seconds. All you need to do is peel open one of the liquid pods, pour it into a pitcher, and enjoy! With four tasty flavors to choose from – Pink Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Fruit Punch, and Peach Mango – there’s a flavor for everyone. So why not give Splenda Peel & Pour a try and enjoy guilt-free refreshment all summer long?

    Splenda the 1 low calorie sweetener brand

    Just in time for summer, the new product makes a refreshing multi-serve beverage in seconds

    “Splenda Peel & Pour Zero Calorie Drink Mix is a new and easy way to create a delicious pitcher of drinks to share with family and friends,” said Jeff Marvel, Senior Brand Manager for Splenda. “We know that drink mix category sales rise from Memorial Day through Labor Day, making this the perfect time to offer Splenda Peel & Pour for summer’s gatherings, whether it’s graduation parties, backyard barbeques, pool days, or family reunions.”

    Splenda Peel & Pour Drink Mix pods are perfectly portioned with the right amount of flavor, making it an easy, powder-free option that’s as easy as Peel, Pour and Share! Simply Peel back the lid of the liquid pod, Pour into two quarts of water in a pitcher, and Enjoy a zero-calorie, zero-sugar delicious refreshment over ice or chilled. It’s Pitcher Perfect! Six liquid pods in each package make 32 servings.

    “At Splenda, our mission is to help people live happier, healthier and longer lives by making it easier to reduce sugar. We make high-quality, great-tasting products like Splenda Peel & Pour Drink Mix, providing a variety of delicious no-sugar options the whole family can enjoy throughout the day to help them achieve their health goals,” said Marvel.

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