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New Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup That Turns Into a Biscuit

    Zero Green, a zero-waste shop located in Bedminster, has introduced a unique approach to serving hot beverages using robust wafer cups that double as an edible treat once your drink is finished. These cups bear a resemblance to thick ice cream cones and offer a distinctive, slightly nutty, and wheat-like flavor profile. Their design ensures that they can maintain the temperature of a hot drink for approximately 60 minutes before showing signs of softening.

    Take me, drink me, eat me

    This eco-conscious coffee cup is not just any ordinary vessel; it’s a multifunctional masterpiece designed to enhance your coffee ritual. After you’ve savored every drop of your favorite brew, this extraordinary cup unveils its hidden surprise – a delightful biscuit, specially crafted to complement the flavors of your coffee.

    It’s a good zero-waste option. We also, obviously, fill any cups that anyone brings in because reuse is better than use once, but this is as close to a zero-waste cup as we can get.

    By incorporating this environmentally friendly cup into your routine, you not only get to enjoy a moment of respite but also contribute to the reduction of single-use waste. This exceptional product not only satisfies your coffee cravings but also aligns with your eco-conscious values.

    The next time you need a break, savor your coffee with this transformative cup and relish the delicious biscuit that awaits, making your coffee break truly special and sustainable.