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Millennials hate canned tuna, they claim it is super-gross

    Tuna are resting easier in water as millennials are turned off by the grossness of the canned standard. 

    Here lies tuna, sleeping with the fish. The Wall Street Journal argued that millennials are killing the canned tuna industry — because they don’t own can openers. They say that the consumption of canned tuna has declined by more than 40 percent nationwide over the last three decades and that it’s all millennials’ fault. Millennials took to Twitter to argue back that it’s not because they don’t own can openers — it’s because canned tuna is kind of super-gross.

    Fun Fact: Charlie the Tuna, the official representative of StarKist Tuna, made his first appearance in a TV commercial for StarKist in 1961. Charlie is based on Henry Nemo. Nemo is known as the “creator of jive.”