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McDonald’s x Crocs Drops New Footwear Collection

    Crocs and the renowned global fast-food giant McDonald’s have joined forces, sparking enthusiasm within both the sneaker and fast-food communities. This partnership transcends a mere singular design and has blossomed into an entire collection. Moreover, it delves deeply into the rich history of McDonald’s by showcasing its iconic mascots and symbols.

    Crocs unveiled an exciting new collection of footwear in collaboration with McDonald’s. Crocs takes the iconic elements of McDonald’s, such as its beloved characters, delectable food items, distinctive logos, and vibrant colors, and integrates them into four distinct pairs of clogs. It’s remarkable how these shoes combine style with the fast-food giant’s identity, resulting in a visually stunning collection. As a bonus, each pair of these McDonald ‘s-inspired Crocs is accompanied by its own set of exclusive Jibbitz charms.

    The four options in the McDonald’s Crocs line offer something for everyone, with each design reflecting the essence of the iconic brand. These options include:

    • McDonald’s red and yellow classic clog with Big Mac, french fries, drink, Chicken McNuggets, and Golden Arches Jibbitz
    • Birdie yellow and pink classic clog with Birdie figure, lashed eyes, scarf, and yellow wrapped burger Jibbitz
    • Hamburglar black-and-white striped classic clog with yellow interior and Hamburglar figure, red tie, white wrapped burger, hat, and smiling mouth Jibbitz
    • Grimace purple Cozzzy Slide clogs with a lined interior and Grimace figure, shake, eyes, and smiling mouth Jibbitz

    The McDonald’s x Crocs Collection will be released in November 2023 via Crocs and select retailers online and in-store. The collection ranges between $70 and $75.