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Kellogg’s Froot Loops 60th birthday with retro box breakfast cereal

    For six decades, you’ve been following your nose to discover delightful bursts of fruity goodness in Kellogg’s Froot Loops, the sweetened multi-grain breakfast cereal. Kellogg’s is commemorating this milestone with a special Froot Loops 60th birthday retro box! Delve into the timeless, vibrant, and colorful crunchy O’s that are crafted with tasty, natural fruit flavors and grains as the primary ingredient.

    Celebrate with the 60th-anniversary box, featuring fun retro packaging that will bring a smile to your mornings. This low-fat cereal is an excellent source of nine essential vitamins and minerals per serving, making it a nutritious choice for the whole family. Enjoy it with milk or a dairy alternative in the morning, afternoon, or even as a late-night treat. After finishing a delicious bowl of Froot Loops cereal, savor the sweet milk left behind for a delightful bonus.

    This cereal is not only great for breakfast but also perfect for snacking on the go. Whether you’re at work, school, in the car, or just on the move, you can munch on these flavorful, crunchy loops to add a tasty pick-me-up to your day. Whenever you crave a burst of flavor, reach for this Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal and relish the nostalgic taste and joy it brings.

    Toucan Sam has been the brand ambassador since its inception. Over the years, the number of “frooty” colors in the cereal bowl and on his beak has increased. The slogan “Follow your nose” was introduced in 1971. The Froot Loops recipe has evolved to cater to the demand for a fruity taste without the use of artificial colors or flavors. The recipe now includes whole grains to promote a fiber-rich diet.

    Kellogg’s Froot Loops Original Cold Breakfast Cereal, 18.4 oz:

    • Celebrate 60 years of Froot Loops with this limited-edition Froot Loops retro box; It’s the classic fruity flavor you know and love
    • A crispy cereal with fruity flavors has helped bring smiles to busy mornings for 60 years; Enjoy Froot Loops in the morning with your favorite milk
    • Good source of nine vitamins and minerals; Excellent source of Vitamin C; 15g whole grain per serving; Low fat; Kosher Pareve; Contains wheat ingredients
    • Enjoy with or without your favorite milk; Makes a tasty treat at work, as a school snack, or as a quick dinner; Celebrate 60 years with Froot Loops
    • Includes one, 18.4oz retro-style box of Kellogg’s Froot Loops cereal; Packaged for freshness and great taste