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Hormel brings chili cheese beer to the Super Bowl party


    Hormel wants to tailgate early this year for the Super Bowl with a new beer that tastes like chili. Beer and chili might be good for some, but a beer that tastes like chili is a whole other kettle of fish. Talking about fish, did you know that Stedji’s beer from Iceland combines two of nature’s finest resources: pure Icelandic water and whale testicles smoked in sheep dung? Unfortunately, Stedji’s went out of business, they ran out of whale testicles.

    The makers of HORMEL chili teamed up with brewers at award-winning, Minneapolis-based Modist Brewing Co. to create an unexpected sip inspired by everybody’s favorite dip for this real-life, totally delicious collaboration. With a little bit of madness and a serious amount of chili-inspired spices, the beer is now ready for fans’ taste buds.

    Fun Fact: More testicles! Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout from Colorado is brewed with sliced and roasted bull testicles and has a “meaty,” “savory” flavor.