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Hershey’s Hit With $5MILLION Lawsuit by Florida Woman

    Well, it turns out the sunshine state is not just famous for its oranges and alligators; it’s now the epicenter of the great pumpkin caper, brought to you by none other than Cynthia Kelly, a Floridian on a mission against the candy giant Hershey’s. In a plot twist worthy of Floridian folklore, she’s taking them to court, armed with what she deems the ultimate weapon against deceptive marketing.

    Picture this: a sunny day in Florida, palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, and Cynthia unwrapping her latest Reese’s Peanut Butter treat with the anticipation of a kid on Halloween the day after. But alas, the joy is short-lived as she discovers that the supposed chocolate mini pumpkin with a charming face on the wrapper is nothing but a smooth, featureless confectionary canvas. Deception, thy name is Hershey’s.

    Outraged by this candy calamity, our Floridian heroine couldn’t just let this slide. No, sir! She decided to channel her inner superhero and cry foul. Cynthia Kelly, defender of pumpkin justice, marched into Florida’s Middle District Court armed with a class action lawsuit that would put even the most seasoned lawyers to shame. And the price tag for this candy caper? A cool $5 million.

    According to Kelly, and her army of disgruntled sweet tooths, they were lured into the sugary embrace of Reese’s Peanut Butter treats under pretenses. The packaging, adorned with a delightful jack-o’-lantern design, promised a festive chocolate experience. However, what they unwrapped was a betrayal of epic proportions – a blank-faced chocolate disappointment.

    Now, in the hallowed halls of justice, Cynthia Kelly seeks retribution for all the deceived candy lovers out there. It’s not just about a blank-faced chocolate pumpkin; it’s about the broken dreams of Halloween enthusiasts who envisioned a parade of joyous chocolate gourds.

    Only time will tell if Hershey’s can weather this storm of confectionary controversy. Meanwhile, in the heart of Florida, the great pumpkin debate rages on, leaving us all to ponder the real question: Is there anything more terrifying than an empty-eyed chocolate jack-o’-lantern?