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Green Giant New Innovative Dino-Shaped Veggie Tots

    As autumn of 2023 approaches, Green Giant is stepping into the season with a delightful array of new products, spearheaded by the launch of their innovative Dino Veggie Tots and more exciting offerings. These dino-shaped broccoli veggie tots have been approved by Little Green Sprout. Nothing like tricking your kids into eating healthy with dinosaur-shaped foods.

    The star of the show, Green Giant’s Dino Veggie Tots, prioritizes vegetables as their primary ingredient, a clear testament to the company’s commitment to wholesome nutrition. These tantalizing tots come in a trio of enticing flavors: “Sweet Potato & Cauliflower“, “Broccoli & Cheese“, and pure Cauliflower. Adding a playful twist to the dining experience, they are shaped as the delightful Caulisaurus Rex, the tempting Broccliosaurus, and the intriguing Foot Fossil. Each of these savory treasures is conveniently packed in 10-ounce bags and boasts a quick preparation time of under 10 minutes when using an air fryer.

    In addition to the Dino Veggie Tots, Green Giant has expanded its product line to include several other delectable options, all readily available in the freezer section of select grocery stores across the nation.

    For those looking to infuse their meals with a burst of color and nutrition, Green Giant presents the “Riced Veggies Rainbow Cauliflower“. These frozen delights showcase a vibrant assortment of riced cauliflower, spanning purple, orange, green, and white varieties. You can take your pick between the Riced Rainbow Cauliflower and the Riced Veggie Blends Creamy Alfredo, both of which are thoughtfully designed for effortless microwave preparation right in their bags, adding an element of ease to your culinary adventures.

    If you’re seeking restaurant-quality sides for your meals, Green Giant has you covered with their new additions. The “Roasted Root Vegetables with Garlic & Thyme” and “Asparagus, Roasted Red Potatoes & Onions with Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper” are two delectable options that cater to discerning palates. These sides can be prepared to perfection by either sautéing them in a skillet for that delightful pan-seared quality or by effortlessly heating them in the microwave for a quick and convenient dining experience.

    With this diverse range of new offerings, Green Giant continues to be a frontrunner in providing delicious and nutritious options for discerning consumers, making mealtime a more exciting and wholesome affair.