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Elizabeth Banks Book Club: Get the booze, lose the books!

    Archer Roose Banks

    Elizabeth Banks suggests that certain book clubs prioritize drinking over literary discussions. However, there exists a distinctive book club that eliminates physical books altogether and employs fictitious books as conversation starters. Archer Roose has eliminated the need for a middle-man by launching the Elizabeth Banks Book Club, the first club where the books themselves are not a crucial factor. Get the booze, lose the books!

    Elizabeth Banks, the co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Archer Roose, has joined the ranks of Hollywood’s multi-talented celebrities by launching a unique ‘book club’ initiative through a 45-minute video. Archer Roose aims to revolutionize the wine industry by introducing luxury wine in cans and turning the traditional book club idea on its head. How? By acknowledging the not-so-secret-secret of book clubs: they’re a great excuse to gather friends and enjoy some wine. Banks and Archer Roose showcase this by featuring ‘books’ that aren’t actually real, such as “How to Play the Violin Despite Your IBS”, “Riding a Bike is Hard. Tax Fraud is Easy”, and “Things Horses Care About”, among others.

    Elizabeth Banks fake book clubs

    “Now you can have a book club meeting with your friends or family and not have to worry about if you read the book or not,” says Archer Roose CEO Marian Leitner. “It’s all about the wine and not taking ourselves too seriously.” 

    “Our ‘club’,” says Banks using air quotes, “is designed to get people right to the wine. It celebrates the camaraderie enjoyed with friends and Archer Roose.”