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Cole Hauser Launches New Coffee Brand, “Free Rein Coffee Company”

    Cole Hauser, the renowned actor celebrated for his role in the hit series “Yellowstone,” has unveiled Free Rein Coffee Company, an exciting new coffee brand. This venture is imbued with the unbridled optimism of the American Dream and pays homage to the dedicated cowboys who have shaped his life both on and off the set.

    Joining Hauser in this bold endeavor are his friends Karl Pfluger, Aron Marquez, and Paul Anderson. These individuals hail from diverse backgrounds, but they share a common belief in the boundless opportunities presented by the American Dream, provided one is willing to put in the hard work and determination.

    Free Rein Coffee Company has meticulously curated a selection of blends that offer a symphony of rich flavors. Beyond just being a coffee brand, it serves as a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the American West. Each cup of Free Rein coffee is a journey to the heart of the untamed Western landscape.

    As the aroma of freshly brewed Free Rein coffee wafts through the air, it carries with it the essence of a dream unfettered by limitations. Cole Hauser and his team have harnessed their passion to craft this brand, ensuring that every sip embodies the rugged, adventurous spirit of the West. Their vision is to provide more than just coffee; it’s a gateway to a world where the American Dream is alive and well, waiting for those with the courage and determination to pursue it.

    In order to capture the true flavor of cowboy country, the team knew it needed to find a roaster deeply rooted in the frontier. And last year, they found one, buying a small-batch roasting facility in San Angelo, Texas that has been perfecting its craft for over 25 years. With the heart of the West as its foundation, Free Rein is uniquely built with the hardworking cowboy tradition in mind. Today, Free Rein brings its bold flavors to kitchen tables, campfires, wood sheds, and workplaces across America, wherever dreams are being chased.

    “With Free Rein, we’re not only crafting a premium coffee experience but also paying a heartfelt homage to the American Dream,” said Cole Hauser, Founder of Free Rein. “As a nation built on dreams and aspirations, we want to inspire the go-getters, the dreamers, and the believers to fuel their pursuits. Just as the American Dream knows no boundaries, we aim to exceed expectations and create a legacy of our own—one that is deeply connected to our roots and the core values that shaped us. I am so excited for everyone to finally have their hands on this coffee!”

    “When creating Free Rein, we set out to build a brand inspired by those who forged their paths in pursuit of prosperity, through the determination and resilience that defines the American Spirit,” said Karl Pfluger, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Free Rein. “Rooted in the spirit of ambition, perseverance, and unyielding optimism, we imagined Free Rein as a lifestyle; whether it’s our coffee or the line of apparel and gear, we want you to ride for the brand.”