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Chicken of the Sea: Win a million dollars if mermaids exist

    chicken of the sea catalina makeover

    Chicken of the Sea wants to celebrate National Mermaid Day. Wait there is such a thing? If you can prove that mermaids exist, Chicken of the Sea will reward you with one million dollars.

    Unless you are Tom Hanks, I think there is no chance in hell that you can prove mermaids scientifically exist. By Poseidon’s trident, I think this can have some pretty interesting entries sent to the offices of Chicken of the Sea. Not even the Shape of Water will make you an official millionaire mermaid spotter.

    In celebration of National Mermaid Day, Chicken of the Sea is looking for Scientific Evidence in the form of unaltered video proof of a real-life Mermaid; another majestic and magical sea creature who can effortlessly hold court with Catalina, Chicken of the Sea’s legendary mascot.

    Chicken of the Sea is offering a $1,000,000 Grand Prize to anyone who can submit an unaltered video documenting Scientific Evidence of a real-life, ever-frisky Mermaid in action. If your Scientific Evidence passes muster with the brand’s Mermaid Expert, you’ll subsequently be asked to coordinate an in-person meet-up between the live Mermaid and Expert. Be sure to check out the Official Rules for the official Mermaid and Scientific Evidence definitions along with a full list of eligibility requirements.

    grace lee whitney

    Fun Fact: According to Chicken of the Sea, the mermaid was inspired in 1952 by Grace Lee Whitney, an actress and singer. She’s best known for her role as Yeoman Janice Rand, the personal assistant to Capt. James T. Kirk, in the original “Star Trek” television series and five “Star Trek” films.