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Boston Pizza Poutine 1 1

Putting it in perspective: Boston Pizza Poutine

    Canadian restaurant Boston Pizza introduces Poutine Pizza for the hungry masses. You will have to cross the 49th parallel to get this one. Just think of it as a dough-less pepperoni pizza tossed in crispy fries served with a side of signature pizza gravy. This will set you back for about $12.49 for an order of Pizza Poutine.

    slutty vegan 1

    Yes, Vegans are Slutty: Slutty Vegan Opening third store

      Slutty Vegan, the Atlanta based vegan burger joint is planning to open its third location. Slutty Vegan has a risqué menu that will tantalize your salacious appetite. This is all in good fun. The meatless burger restaurant is yet another in a long list of burger establishments using plant-based meat substitutes as a main course.

      poutine for life 1

      Win poutine for life

        You could win Poutine for Life depending if your arteries let you live that long. Atlantic Lottery which includes the four Atlantic provinces from Canada wants to fatten both your waistline and your pocketbook. You could win their top prize of $10,000 worth of poutine. You could also opt-out and take the cash equivalent instead.

        roast beef and gravy pizza 1

        Domino’s Offers Roast Beef and Gravy Pizza in Japan

          In Japan things are a bit different would be saying it mildly. When it comes to food, they have a whole cornucopia of diverse flavors. Domino’s restaurants are no strangers when it comes to pleasing the different tastes of Japanese consumers. The Roast Beef and Gravy pizza is sure to please the unusual tastes of that country. The pizza features slices of roast beef drizzled with gravy and also comes topped with spinach, mushroom, and cherry tomatoes. Rival Pizza Hut is also selling roast chicken legs in Japan this holiday season. Fried chicken from KFC is a popular choice in Japan for Christmas.

          mcdonalds vegan hamburger 1

          McDonald’s Introduces New Vegan Burger McAloo Tikki

            The vegan market is on fire and McDonald’s is no stranger when it comes to trends. They are introducing the McAloo Tikki at their Chicago headquarters. The McAloo Tikki is already a standard burger in India. I am not too enthused by the name myself. Why not just call it the McVegan burger? The meat-free burger should attract new customers who crave an alternative to the menu options offered at many restaurants.