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Baskin-Robbins Introduces Newest Flavor of the Month, Turkey Day Fixin’s

    Celebrate Thanksgiving with a delightful twist this year as Baskin-Robbins introduces its latest Flavor of the Month, “Turkey Day Fixin’s,” available starting November 1st. Throughout the entire month, indulge in a unique and unexpected dessert experience that beautifully combines the flavors of your beloved holiday side dishes.

    The Turkey Day Fixin’s ice cream creation presents a surprising blend of sweet potato and autumn spice ice creams, expertly intertwined with delectable honey cornbread pieces and captivating swirls of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. This dessert is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving feast, whether you’re looking to elevate your Friendsgiving celebration or impress your family with something new and exciting.

    Turkey Day Fixin’s takes the essence of all your cherished sweet and savory sides – from the rich sweetness of sweet potatoes to the comforting warmth of cornbread and the tangy zing of cranberry sauce – and artfully combines them in a delightful frozen concoction. Say goodbye to the usual, predictable desserts, and make room for the newfound, unofficial Thanksgiving dessert star that will surely become a delightful tradition! Embrace the unexpected and add a touch of excitement to your holiday gatherings with Turkey Day Fixin’s.