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Why McDonald’s Steers Clear of Onion Rings in the USA

    Why McDonald's Steers Clear of Onion Rings in the USA

    Why is it that McDonald’s won’t dish out those tantalizing onion rings we crave? Well, folks, it’s a tale as old as the golden arches themselves, and it boils down to economics and a penchant for keeping things as simple as a Happy Meal toy.

    Now, you might not know this, but in the dog-eat-dog world of fast food, profit margins are as thin as a paper-thin, super-skinny fry. So, how does McDonald’s keep those prices low and the cash registers ka-chinging? Well, they gotta offer grub that’s as cheap and easy as a high school prom date – affordable and uncomplicated.

    To a great extent, one might assume that McDonald’s would be eager to dive into the world of onion rings. However, apart from a short-lived attempt at marketing onion nuggets during the 1970s, they have never ventured into this territory through active experimentation or pursuit in North America.

    In Australia, things are a bit different. 2021 marked a turning point for McDonald’s as they boldly introduced onion rings to their menus. Now, you might be wondering, what’s the big deal about onion rings? Well, in the world of McDonald’s, where the Golden Arches reign supreme, even small menu changes can be seismic.

    “McDonalds wants to sell you their french fries because they make so much money on your french fries.”

    Initially, when McDonald’s decided to add these crispy, golden rings to their offerings in Australia, it was meant to be a limited-time fling. Like a summer romance, it was supposed to be a brief, passionate affair with taste buds, but it turned into a love story that refuses to end. The concept was that Australians would enjoy these delectable onion rings for a little while, and then they’d vanish, like a magician’s disappearing act. But, lo and behold, they’ve been more persistent than a cat trying to squeeze into a cardboard box.

    Rather than bidding farewell, these onion rings seem to have become a regular guest at the Aussie McDonald’s table. They’ve rotated in several times, making appearances that even surprise the most loyal of McDonald’s customers. It’s like that unexpected encore at a concert you thought was over, but the band just can’t resist playing one more hit.

    McDonald’s has long enjoyed a reputation for its scrumptious and consistently delicious French fries, making them a cornerstone of their menu. These golden, crispy delights have become a fan favorite, attracting customers from all walks of life. They not only epitomize the brand but also contribute significantly to its bottom line. The profitability of French fries is a well-documented fact, with their affordability and mass appeal driving high sales volumes

    In simple terms, McDonald’s wants stuff that’s easy on the wallet and a breeze to whip up. So, when you compare those trusty, classic French fries to the flamboyant onion rings, it’s a bit like pitting a toddler’s finger painting against the Mona Lisa. Fries are like the fast food equivalent of microwaving popcorn – simple, fast, and practically printing money. Plus, they don’t confuse the poor souls working behind the counter – can you imagine the chaos if you had to remember, “Hey, is that order with the golden rings or the golden arches?”

    So, there you have it, dear friends – the mystery of the missing onion rings at McDonald’s is solved. Economics and simplicity are like the power couple that rules the fast food kingdom. And remember, if you ever crave the fancier side of fast food, you might just have to hit up the local burger joint with a beret-wearing chef in the back frying onions to symphonies.