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White Castle’s new “Castle Bites,” in hamburger and cheeseburger flavors

White Castle's new "Castle Bites"

Your frozen food section at your grocery store just got a bit more interesting. White Castle unveils to the unsuspecting world “Castle Bites.” That should shake up things. Castle Bites come in both Hamburger and Cheeseburger flavors. Time to storm the castle!

White Castle Bites are the latest innovation in the grocery freezer aisle. Inspired by the iconic flavor of White Castle sliders, the new bite-sized snacks are made with 100% real beef and onions and wrapped in a crispy golden crust. Castle Bites are rolling out in stores nationally with two flavors, Hamburger and Cheeseburger. Packaged in two sizes, 18 oz. standard stand-up bag and 40 oz. party pack, Castle Bites are always tasty and fun to eat. Castle Bites were developed through a collaboration between White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger chain and leader in Sliders, and Bellisio Foods, one of the nation’s largest, most trusted frozen food companies.

“Castle Bites are a fun, new way to extend the Crave, offering a delicious option that meets the mark on distinctive taste,” said Lynn Blashford, CMO, White Castle, “In recent research, consumers have let us know they’re ready to try, and ready to buy.  Something they will soon be able to do at retailers across the country.”

White Castle's new "Castle Bites"

“Snacking at home has continued to grow as consumers seek convenient and delicious options that fit within new schedules and routines,” said Steve Young, CEO of Bellisio Foods, Inc. “Bellisio is proud to utilize our more than 30 years of experience in frozen foods and in snack rolls to launch such an innovative product. We’re excited to build upon our partnership with White Castle, especially following the successful launch of the White Castle Chicken Rings at retail.”

White Castle, home of The Original Slider since opening its first restaurant in 1921, was also the first fast-food brand to launch a retail division in 1987. Thirty-five years later, the family-owned business is a category leader in frozen Sliders, available at retailers large and small, in all 50 states.

Bellisio and White Castle recently launched Chicken Rings at retail this spring. The White Castle frozen Sliders, Chicken Rings and, now, Castle Bites will be available nationwide. Brandgenuity, the licensing agency for White Castle, brokered the partnership for both launches and is supporting the program rollout.