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Salmon Skin Cracklets

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Williwaw Salmon Skin Cracklets: A Product Born Out Of Friendship

    Talk about having some skin in the game. What started as a pleasure fishing trip spawned into a business. Chilian company Williwaw wants you to know that eating salmon skin is a healthy choice. As most North Americans know, salmon is a well-known source of necessary nutrients for our bodies. Did you the skin that most of us discard is just as healthy? The Chilian company has turned salmon skin into healthy crackers that they call Salmon Skin Cracklets. The Keto-friendly product is a no-brainer for health enthusiasts. On the other hand, convincing people to eat fish skin is a hard sell. The biggest sell here is health and making the earth greener by not discarding the skin as a non-food alternative. The best thing is that the skin is not fried and has no trans fat. Williwaw is swimming against the current but with steady persistence, they will prevail. Once you try Williwaw Salmon Skin Cracklets, you will be hooked.