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states and cities have the most and least fast food restaurants per capita 1 1

States with the most and least fast-food restaurants per capita

    Here is a map showing a regional breakdown of fast-food restaurants per capita. A more complex analysis can be found at Datafiniti.
    “Southern states have the highest fast food count per capita. The top spot goes to Alabama at 6.3 restaurants per 10K residents. The only non-southern states in the top ten are Nebraska at 5.4 and Indiana at 5.0, both in the Central region. As for the states with the fewest fast-food restaurants per capita, most are from the Eastern region with Vermont having the fewest fast-food restaurants per capita at 1.9 per 10K residents. Mississippi made a surprise appearance with just 2.1 fast food restaurants per 10K residents.”

    A Salt and Battery fish and chips 1

    Seven clever pun names for restaurants and bars

      A name can make or break a restaurant. Here are some clever pun names for restaurant and bar establishments. My personal favorite is the “A Salt and Battery” from New York City. The fish and chip restaurant will easily peak your curiosity. The logo is blatantly reminiscent of the London Underground logo.
      1-A Salt and Battery
      2-Tequila Mockingbird
      3-Pita Pan
      4-Jaun in a Million
      5-Planet of the Grapes
      6-Thai me up
      7-The Codfather