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Pizza Box

pizza box

When was the first pizza box created?

    All hail the mighty pizza box that opened the floodgates to the mass circulation of our favorite fast food. A patent was issued for the pizza box in 1963.

    pizza box oven 1

    Pizza out of a box: The Pizza Box Oven

      Ever wanted to make a quick pizza at home without the hassle and mess? The Cuizen Pizza Box Oven is the ideal tool for you. It makes tasty pizza in as quickly as it would be delivered to you.
      Cooks up to a 12-inch pizza
      Rotating cooking surface with top and bottom elements
      Adjustable thermostat control up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit and timer up to 30 minutes
      Cool-touch stainless steel handle
      1200-watts of power to ensure a perfectly cooked pizza every time