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Arbys turkey pillow 1

Arby’s deep-fried turkey pillow looks super silly

    Is the world going mad? Arby’s wants you to sleep tight this year with their deep-fried turkey pillow. If you are thinking of purchasing a deep-fried turkey pillow, you are out of luck. They are sold out. Better tell Rowan Atkinson, he was looking to buy one.

    pork pillow 1

    Life-like personality pillow that looks like a pig

      People are strange. Image your head resting on a life-size pig on a spit pillow. This glistening shiny pillow is quite unique and disgusting at the same time. Are these pillows Rocky Balboa approved? You want to look away but at the same time are intrigued. These pillows are quite soft. I will buy one when pigs fly.
      If that does not grab you, you can buy pillows in shapes of pizza, chicken legs and thighs, and other foods.