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New York

zabars a family with recipes lori zabar 1

Zabar’s: A Family Story With Recipes By Lori Zabar

    The fascinating, mouthwatering story (with recipes!) of the immigrant family that created a New York gastronomic legend: “The most rambunctious and chaotic of all delicatessens, with one foot in the Old World and the other in the vanguard of every fast-breaking food move in the city” (Nora Ephron, best-selling author and award-winning screenwriter).

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    Cheese shortage affecting N.Y.C. bagel shops

      There is a supply chain crisis that is leading a to a cream cheese shortage in New York City. For a big chunk of my life, I was surrounded by the aroma of fresh bagels. There is nothing heavenly like a warm bagel schmeared with lots of cream cheese. This is certain to get the hoarders out to weaken the supply chain even more. Are we going to be regulated to spreading butter on our bagels? The horror of it all, New Yorkers had to face that they can no longer get one dollar slices of pizza. Now this!

      whats on an everything bagel 1

      Who Invented the Everything Bagel?

        Next time you get seeds stuck in your teeth after eating an everything bagel, there are four people to blame for this dental catastrophe. These alleged culprits for years claim to have created this Frankenstein bagel.

        new york watermaker 1

        The Shape of Water: Is New York Water Really The Secret To The Best Bagels and Pizza

          New York WaterMaker, a New Jersey company unveiled a water-filtration system at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. It promises to improve any out-of-town restaurant’s pizza and bagels to taste just like the New York style food. The company feels that the secret to a good New York pizza and bagel is in their tap water. Now you can have water that mimics New York’s tap water. Paul Errigo, chief executive of New York WaterMaker says his filtration system will cost $2,890-a-year. Errigo plans to offer businesses 10-year leases — and ship new filters every six months.