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Kraft Heinz

bagels new york shortage 1

Cheese shortage affecting N.Y.C. bagel shops

    There is a supply chain crisis that is leading a to a cream cheese shortage in New York City. For a big chunk of my life, I was surrounded by the aroma of fresh bagels. There is nothing heavenly like a warm bagel schmeared with lots of cream cheese. This is certain to get the hoarders out to weaken the supply chain even more. Are we going to be regulated to spreading butter on our bagels? The horror of it all, New Yorkers had to face that they can no longer get one dollar slices of pizza. Now this!

    candy mac and cheese 1 1

    Candy Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day

      Forget heart-shaped chocolate and bouquets of overpriced roses, celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a classic – Kraft Mac & Cheese. Kraft Mac & Cheese is launching a limited-edition Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day. Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese is made with the same cheesy Kraft Mac & Cheese Americans know and love, but includes a candy flavor packet to turn the mac & cheese pink and add hints of sweet candy flavor.

      KDpump 1

      Klever Kraft Kreates KD Kontest to Kollect Kache

        Hold the presses! Kraft Heinz Canada is unloading onto the public Pumpkin Spice KD (mac and cheese for our neighbors in the south). Should we be excited or repulsed?

        Wait, there is a catch! It is a contest of sorts. Only one thousand brave mouths will are able to taste this new KD flavor. You have to sign up and answer a few questions.

        boca burger 1

        Kraft Heinz flipping for Boca Burgers

          The vegetarian Boca Burger debuted as the Sun Burger in a Boca Raton, Florida, restaurant in 1979. Kraft Heinz is hoping you will pardon the pun that you will flip over new new all American veggie burger. It’s two times the size of a regular Boca Burger. The new revitalized burger will appeal also to meat eating consumers looking for a healthier choice.
          “Texture will carry the flavor, so we felt if it was too mushy, too watery, then the flavor got bland and boring.” “We worked with our flavor houses to redevelop the flavor for the whole line.” – Sergio Eleuterio, the Kraft Heinz Co.