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hormel chili ghost reaper worlds hottest chili with beans 1

Hotter than hell Hormel chili with Ghost Reaper

    Hormel Chili is sure to put the smack in your mouth with its Ghost Reaper brand. It claims to be the world’s hottest chili with beans. It is made with ghost peppers & Carolina reaper peppers. Flame on! It is only available on for a limited time.

    Breathable Bacon Mask 1

    Hormel Black Label Breathable Bacon Mask

      Imagine taking a whiff of bacon from your mask all day at work. It is bad enough I smell my own coffee breath. Hormel wants you to enjoy the sweet smell of bacon all day long. They have created a bacon-scented breathable mask. Hey, at least if I do contract Covis-19, I will be satisfied knowing I will die with bacon in my nostrils. These masks will be sizzlers.

      limited edition of spam pumpkin spice 2

      Pumpkin Spice SPAM and more pumpkin

        The wheels are coming off the pumpkin spice bandwagon. Hormel, the manufacturer of SPAM, is making for a limited time a pumpkin spice version of SPAM. It will be available as of September 23rd. You can only buy exclusively at Walmart and online at