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Arbys Canada Introduces New Poutine Dip Sandwich 1

Arby’s Canada introduces new Poutine Dip Sandwich

    Arby’s Canada are you trying to seduce me with your new Poutine Dip Sandwich? Because if you are, you got me sold. Poutine on a sandwich, how scandalous of you. You have succeeded, I will pry my money from my wallet.

    Boston Pizza Poutine 1 1

    Putting it in perspective: Boston Pizza Poutine

      Canadian restaurant Boston Pizza introduces Poutine Pizza for the hungry masses. You will have to cross the 49th parallel to get this one. Just think of it as a dough-less pepperoni pizza tossed in crispy fries served with a side of signature pizza gravy. This will set you back for about $12.49 for an order of Pizza Poutine.

      roast beef and gravy pizza 1

      Domino’s Offers Roast Beef and Gravy Pizza in Japan

        In Japan things are a bit different would be saying it mildly. When it comes to food, they have a whole cornucopia of diverse flavors. Domino’s restaurants are no strangers when it comes to pleasing the different tastes of Japanese consumers. The Roast Beef and Gravy pizza is sure to please the unusual tastes of that country. The pizza features slices of roast beef drizzled with gravy and also comes topped with spinach, mushroom, and cherry tomatoes. Rival Pizza Hut is also selling roast chicken legs in Japan this holiday season. Fried chicken from KFC is a popular choice in Japan for Christmas.

        head in a freezer 1

        Deep freeze: 13 foods you should not freeze

          Freezing food is a great way to save money but not all foods take well to the freezer. The cold can at most times ruin the flavor of many foods. Here is a list of common foods you should not freeze.