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DiGiorno Creates Pizza Donut Mashup: DiGiornuts

    Brilliant or blasphemous? DiGiornuts is a combination of doughnut with pizza topping by DiGiorno. Each DiGiornut is filled with mozzarella cheese and topped with signature DiGiorno sauce, along with even more cheese and toppings. Move over cronut!

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    So is it donuts or doughnuts?

      Donut is an alternate spelling of doughnut. Some dictionaries point out that donut is rarely used outside the United States. All of them recognize doughnut as the main spelling, as do some of the more popular style guides. Doughnut might be the spelling you should use if you want to be sure you’re not making a mistake.

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      A toaster that makes mini donuts

        My mornings just got more interesting. Now I can make mini donuts on my toaster. The Donut Toaster comes with two silicone donut trays, each with molds for four donuts.

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        Donuts are healthier than muffins

          Can it be that a sugar donut is healthier than a plain muffin? The calorie count is much higher on a plain muffin than a sugar donut. TwoFoods: Food Comparison is a nifty tool to compare two foods side by side to see exactly how they stand up to each other. A plain generic muffin has a whopping 1909 calories, while a sugar raised donut from Dunkin’ Donuts has an average of 230 calories. Very surprising. So it’s time to go do battle and let your body win when you compare foods side by side.