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Are French Fries Really a “Death Food”?

    French fries are always scrutinized as not being healthy for you. Many studies conclude that moderation is the key. Having fries once a week will not be the death of you. Fries are a weaponized food that non-experts use for their own means. The best way to find out if french fries are healthy for you is to consult a professional who guides you in the right direction. There is way too much misinformation out there contradicting the french fry as a food killer.

    Funeral Potatoes grubbits

    Walmart sells funeral potatoes

      I am a bit surprised that a conservative retailer like Walmart would sell funeral potatoes. Traditionally, the casserole is served as a side dish during after-funeral dinners in the Western and Southern United States. They are very popular at gatherings of the Church of Latter-day Saints. I have not tasted funeral potatoes, I heard they are to die for.