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uncup 1

Unocup the eco-friendly drinking cups

    Could this be the future of coffee drinking? The Unocup is a coffee cup with an origami lid that needs no plastic lid. The cup was created by Tom Chan, it is a 100% plastic-free. Long-time friend Kaanur Papo and Tom Chan both founded Unocup, in 2019.

    Mug Cakes 1

    New line of Betty Crocker Mug Treats

      The mug cake revolution is upon us. Betty Crocker has joined other manufacturers who have introduced mug cakes already in the past few years. Get your taste buds ready to battle the three different flavors; Rich Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake and Birthday Cake. The mug cakes can be ready within a minute in your microwave.